Sindibad at Project Earth 2016

Coming together with others from all walks of life to honor, protect and care for the Earth is a big part of my life. From sacred ceremony to fund-raising, festivals and events which encourage connection & community and raise awareness, it’s all part of what I like to call the “Mystic Circus.”

I’ve been a street performer, an actor on theater stages, and have even been in a Hollywood film or two, with the latest of those playing a homeless man for Woody Harelson. Whether the part is small or large, I usually come home with stories to tell! Check back here to read a few…

Festivals with heart, like Project Earth at Harmony Park over the past two summers (2015 and 2016), have inspired me and re-ignited my passion for great music and much more. Events where everyone is welcome to stay and listen, perform, share and just be in great company with others who are all about love and raising consciousness are the ones I love to be a part of.

There’s also a time to take action, raise money, tell the truth about what you’re seeing, and help others with your time, your talents and your hard work. Supporting our Water Protectors at Standing Rock and other places is a good example too. Look here for a mix of ways to help, and suggest your own in the comments!


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January 19th, 2017 Opening Reception

Sindibad: A Retrospective
Modus Locus Gallery, Minneapolis


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Heart of The Beast Theatre: Standing Rock Fundraiser

A big thank you to everyone who came out to support! We raised over $2500 between these two events. It’s beautiful what we can accomplish when we come together for a good cause!

Project Earth 2016

In June, 2016, I camped with so many beautiful souls at Harmony Park. Music, drumming, and just enjoying being with like-minded people from all walks of life for a good cause – that’s what I call a festival! ~ Sindibad

Strombolli’s Medicine Show

Strombolli’s Medicine Show – Cutting the False From the True – especially inside ourselves…