Sindibad O’Dell – Artist, Actor, Mystic & Pirate

Born in St. Petersburg Florida, I was raised in a small fishing village called Gulfport, in the enchanting tropics of the Gulf of Mexico – this is where the pallet of my art comes from, as well as being inspired by the wonder of Infinite diversity I found there, and still find wherever I go today.

My mother, Billy Gilliam, was an amazing jazz singer and a woman way ahead of her time, so there was a lot of Bohemian influence from her side of the family. I have always had a driving passion for spirit, mysticism and the arts, which has led me on an amazing journey.

At four years old, I was run over by a dump truck which injured my left brain. This injury barred me from mainstream society, and forced me to survive by my right brain, which was way cool, because I became a street performer, a gypsy, and painted murals, posters, album covers , and also did artwork for underground newspapers and sold many paintings as fine art.




I used to look for love. now I realize I just need to BE love.”

Legacy and Thank You…

When I was a little boy in Gulfport, I used to visit the small library often. One of my favorite books there was a coffee table book filled with the art of Salvador Dali. Once I saw those images I realized that I was not the only one who saw the world differently! I knew I was not alone.

I’ve created this website as a kind of legacy and a thank you for that – a digital coffee table book – to inspire and invite visitors to experience the magic of place, color, vision, symbology and spirit, and even to open new doors of consciousness.

It’s a place where I encourage you to come up with your own impressions and interpretations for all that you see, and if you would be so kind, to share that with me and future visitors, through your comments.

Thank you for stopping by!