Another mystic path Sindibad has been on for many years, in addition to the Native American Red Road, is the path of the Sufi, sometimes called “whirling dervishes.”

I asked him to tell me about his experience of whirling, sometimes for long  periods of time.

Sindibad;  “When whirling, I enter a state of trance – one where I feel as if I dissolve, and then eventually, expand.  My intention is always to get closer to the spirit of truth – to touch and experience deep connection with all-encompassing Love.  My Sufi name is Abdul Haqq, which means servant of truth.

Whirling makes it hard for you to focus on thought.  If you happen to open your eyes, you just see a rainbow of light – there’s nothing for the mind to grab.  For me, it’s a way to to get to center, much like focusing on the heart of a mandala takes you deeper and deeper.

Once I was whirling in a small group for hours. We had spotters to watch out for us, and to catch us and lay us down if needed.  At one point I was deep in trance, and the helpers laid me down. The lights in the room went off and on, and the tape we had going started acting like a radio, starting and stopping in different places. A phone started ringing, and I felt my atoms entering the electrical wires and system of the house. It was an incredible feeling  – though not easy to describe!  I created the image on this post using some software on my iPad, to represent this idea of Dissolving & Expanding.