In June, 2016, I camped with so many beautiful souls at Harmony Park. Music, drumming, and just enjoying being with like-minded people from all walks of life for a good cause – that’s what I call a festival!  ~ Sindibad
The Project Earth Mission Statement:

“The intention of this festival is to co-create a community celebration with the event patrons (THAT’S YOU!). We invite YOU to take control of your concert experience and transform it into a profound renaissance of creative participation (rather than just observation). Project Earth is an experimental convergence between a music concert, rainbow gathering, eco-villiage and political and social justice alchemy.

Primarily Project Earth is an opportunity to camp together and fund raise for charitable causes. That’s right…100% of the profits for this festival are going to help other communities around the globe. By taking the focus off the “main stage” and dividing the energy between numerous ambient performance spaces, an atmosphere of intimate spontaneity will unfold.”

For more tickets & more on Project Earth 2017, go here:  Project Earth 2017 at Harmony Park