From Fox News, who did a segment featuring Sindibad in March 2016:

“Hundreds of traumatic brain injury victims are telling their stories and they’re doing it without speaking a word.

For the past two months brain injury victims across Minnesota have been creating masks to represent the struggles they face living their lives. On Saturday, they put all of them 308 of the masks on display at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center.

It’s part of a project called “Unmasking brain injury.” Every mask represents a personal story of struggle.

Hundreds of brain injury victims tell their stories through art

One of the masks is called “Barred from Society.” Its creator calls himself Sindibad.  He was hit by a dump truck when he was four years old and has struggled his entire life.

“It’s a wonderful gift for all of us to be able to tell about our stories; life changing,” Sindibad said.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The Brain Injury Alliance of Minnesota has a goal of collecting a thousand of these masks during the next year to raise awareness of the people struggling with the hidden scars of brain injuries.”

You can learn more by visiting the Brain Injury Alliance of Minnesota website, see upcoming events and find out how you can get help or offer help:  Brain Injury Alliance MN

New for 2017!  The Brain Injury Alliance has invited Sindibad to speak and be part of panel to help educate the people on this issue this on April 20th, at their Annual Professionals in Brain Injury Conference.  

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